Etsy store is up!

I have to say, I’m extremely proud of myself right now. In the past few days I have cleaned my office, organized a bunch of stuff for Goodwill, posted some of my used books on eBay, and I’ve just now set up my Etsy store.

These things have been on my mind for a while now and it’s great to have finally achieved something. I don’t plan on getting rich from anything I sell via eBay or Etsy. I just know that I have too many unread books that need a good home and too many handmade bookmarks that I’ve been telling myself to sell. Hell, it’s just great that I finally have posted these things up there. The money will at least help support my habit of craft and book buying. Anything else is really just a bonus.

If you want to check out my things and maybe buy or give me pointers, that’d be great!

The Etsy site is:

You can find my used books (most of them never even opened or “Like New”) here:

Please, check them out if you can!

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