Book Forty-One of 2013: WANDER DUST by Michelle Warren



Ever since her sixteenth birthday, strange things keep happening to Seraphina Parrish.
The Lady in Black… burns Sera’s memories.
Unexplainable premonitions… catapult her to other cities.
The Grungy Gang… wants to kill her.
And a beautiful, mysterious boy… stalks her.
But when Sera moves to Chicago, and her aunt reveals their family connection to a centuries old, secret society, she is immediately thrust into an unbelievable fantasy world, leading her on a quest to unravel the mysteries that plague her. In the end, their meanings crash into an epic struggle of loyalty and betrayal, and she’ll be forced to choose between the boy who has stolen her heart and the thing she desires most.
Wander Dust is the breathtaking fantasy that will catapult you through a story of time, adventure, and love.

I have to say, the one thing I love about owning a Kindle is that I’m able to find independent authors and read their work. I wasn’t big on them until my husband got me that thing.

That said, another independent author that I have to applaud is Michelle Warren. I came across her Seraphina Parrish trilogy through her Facebook that was recommended for me and had a giveaway going. Though I did not win the giveaway (it had very impressive winnings.), I did find a trilogy I think I’m going to like a lot.

WANDER DUST is the first book in the trilogy and the only one that I’ve read so far. It follows the life of a sixteen year old girl who finds out that she’s more than just Normal. Seraphina, Sera, is what I would envision the typical rebellious, but caring girl. Her rebellion stems completely on the fact that she has a rough relationship with her dad. It had been that way since her mother’s death. And then there’s the fact that she’s actually not Normal at all.

Warren uses great imagery in her book to show a world that is intricate and spectacular. The Academy is breathtaking (both academies actually), the characters are well written, and I have to say, I did not see a certain pivotal moment being the way it was.

There was romance, but not too much. In fact, you only get the juicy bits in the end of the book. Every thing else is just typical girl pining after boy. Which works because it doesn’t follow the typical teen romance formula. If anything, this book is more science fiction with a dash of history shaken into a bottle that has spurts of intrigue and romance. Think the movie JUMPER and the book TIMELINE, but with a HARRY POTTER and teen romance twist. Yep, that’s WANDER DUST.

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