Book Forty-Two of 2013: FLUTTER by Amanda Hocking



Flutter – the third book in the My Blood Approves series…
Being undead doesn’t make life any easier for Alice Bonham.
Her younger brother’s love life is heating up, while hers is…more complicated. Mae is falling apart, her best friend Jane is addicted to vampire bites, and if Alice doesn’t get her bloodlust under control, someone will end up dead.
Alice volunteers for a rescue mission with Ezra. But going up against a pack of rabid vampires might be too much, even for him.

I am a huge Amanda Hocking fan. Ever since I started the Trylle Trilogy, I basically went for anything Amanda Hocking. I now have all of her current books and the rest of the MY BLOOD APPROVES series. Recently, I was in a vampire mood and decided to continue on with Alice Bonham’s life.

In FLUTTER, Alice is now a vampire. I love the way the transition is explained. Even though Alice seems to have better control than most vampires in their early days, she is still having issues. There’s bloodlust and she’s a bit clumsy. I found Hocking’s description different from other transitions in that there was more to it than in TWILIGHT, but was still PG rated compared to some other vampire transition books.

As the description in the back of the book describes, Alice and Ezra go out of the country to save Peter. This is basically the first third of the book. You get to see more of the vampire world than life with the Townsends and vampire clubs. You get to see the more rabid of vampires. These guys seem like really interesting villains, if only there was more of them.

The second third of the book centered mostly on Alice trying to boost up her self control so that she and Jack could get intimate. We learn a dark secret that flips Jack’s world upside down and we find out about Jane’s addiction. I love that Amanda Hocking puts in a difficult situation such as substance abuse in the book. She described the addiction of vampire bites very similar to actual substance abuse and it did tug at the heartstrings. For once, I felt bad for Jane.

The last third of the book ties the first third to the end. The rabid vampires are back and apparently didn’t care about the original agreement that got Peter, Ezra, and Alice out of trouble. Honestly, that’s why I love these guys. They don’t take crap and don’t care about previous agreements. They are bad.

There was an awesome epic fight scene (GO PETER!) and an ending that both makes you feel hopeful of the future and throws more drama into the mix.

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