Book Forty-Three of 2013: UNDER ATTACK by Hannah Jayne



Sophie Lawson is a human immune to magic, which comes in handy for helping paranormal beings transition into everyday life. But fallen angel Alex Grace and his search for the Vessel of Souls is one curse she never saw coming. Suddenly an unexplainable string of killings and destruction has even San Francisco’s demons fearing for their immortal lives. And Sophie isn’t about to trust Alex’s all-too-vulnerable charm or his secret agenda. Now their hunt is revealing dangerous secrets about Sophie’s past, and malevolent power hellishly close to turning one irreverent human into the ultimate supernatural weapon.

Honestly, if I had read this book before the latest book in this series, I probably wouldn’t touch this series. As such, I am hesitant to continue on with it. This isn’t a bad book. I’m just not feeling the characters or the issues they get into.

The main character, Sophie, doesn’t seem to be a gung-ho as the cover would suggest. Sure, she’s spunky, but not enough spunk to really be an action hero. She kind of just is. Everything seems to happen to her and she doesn’t seem to deal with it well. Not that I blame her, I probably wouldn’t deal with the possible father and finding out her half sister is a crazy psychopath. I just wish she had grown a pair of cahonies by now instead of still reacting the way she is.

However, aside from my own serious nitpicking, Jayne stays true to her characters and the world she developed. Nothing really seems to be out of character or the world she made, which can happen and I’m glad it didn’t. I wasn’t thrilled with this book, but it isn’t a bad book for the lighter urban fantasy fan. Also, you don’t need to read this book to understand what’s going on. If you can, I’d bypass this one and just for for UNDER A SPELL.

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