Book Six of 2014: BREAKING THROUGH THE WAVES by E.L. Todd



Sydney and Coen are ready to take the next step of their relationship. She knows she has to reveal her heartbreaking past to him. While some of it has been revealed, there is still more to the story. Will he stand by her side and help her through the ordeal, or will he turn his back, leaving her to deal with her issues?

For some reason I am in a big romance kick right now. It might be because of my husband not being around lately. Soon though! Anyways, onto with the review on this quick read.

BREAKING THROUGH THE WAVES is the sequel story to CONNECTED BY THE SEA which features the hero Coen and heroine Sydney. The first book was really a set up of them and how they came to be with a slight bit of conflict. This book gathers up the hints of trouble from CONNECTED BY THE SEA and displays them perfectly.

The two books could be great as one single entity, but the break between is good to have. The second book is thriving in the drama with Coen’s ex-girlfriend and Sydney’s family in the mix. It’s heartwrenching and heartwarming, showing the degree that the two characters have changed since the first book.

Like the first, the second gives off steam in the sexual manner. It’s a lot of sex for a young couple, but I wasn’t complaining. Neither were the characters. The setting was still Hawaii and there was more description of it, so that was great!

All in all, this is a good book and if you wanted to pick up the first one you have to pick this one up as well. Just so you get everything tackled and resolved.

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