Book Sixteen of 2014: SHANNON’S LAW by Emma Calin



A steamy romance novel introducing a sassy female police officer who locks up criminals and always gets her man.

The second book in the “Passion Patrol” series featuring hot cops, hot crime and hot romance. Following the success of “Knockout!”
the drama in “Shannon’s Law” revolves around another feisty female cop – Shannon Aguerri. Moved out from the city after one-too-many maverick missions, Shannon discovers there’s more going on in the sleepy country village than meets the eye. The son of a local aristocrat arouses suspicion of drug crime activity… but his widower father arouses more animal instincts! Could she really mix with the British royal family? Can she risk her heart and career on yet another high risk unauthorised investigation?Can she get justice for an innocent boy? Dare a kid from the gutter dream of being a countess?

I had trouble reading this book. I couldn’t relate to the characters as much as I would have liked. The main problem is that I’m not a UK citizen and as much BBC America I watch, there is no amount of television that can help with the cultural barrier. Figuring out the lingo wasn’t that hard. I’ve actually learned some new slang that I actually really like! It was the chapter set during a cricket game that was an issue.

I didn’t find the relationship between the hero and heroine that believable. The differences in social class isn’t what bothered me, and neither did the age gap. It was just the way the two interacted. It seemed way to fast for them to really gather any thoughts. Most of their thoughts seemed to be about sex, and even though that is good in a romance, I was hoping for a bit more substance.

That said, the second half of the book did show that substance. There is an instance where the trust is questioned and the character’s pull through. I still would have liked more, but I am glad that the fairy tale like beginning had real issues later on.

The sex scenes are steamy and for a person who thrives in reading steamy scenes, there are plenty to read through. I could do with a little less sex, but that is my own personal aesthetic.

In all, it’s not a bad read, but I didn’t really care for it as much as someone else would.

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