Book Fifteen of 2014: DEPARTMENT 51 by VG Harrison



Ava Frost has spent the past three months mourning the death of her brother, Ian, but now she’s facing criminal charges from Department 51 – charges that could put her in federal prison for the rest of her life unless she accepts their “work-release” deal.
She can hardly stand working for the organization she blames for the death of her brother, yet while on the Department 51 base, she makes a chilling discovery… a sentient, complex computer program called Ian 2 has been imprinted with her brother’s anagrams. More shocking, the computer is linked to her brain, sharing the same organic metal as her cybernetic implant.
Department 51 wants her to disable Ian 2, but when an alien craft threatens the Earth, Ava discovers her brother’s computer program may be the only key to deciphering the invaders’ intentions. Can she use Ian 2 to stop the alien invasion? Or will she be forced to save herself when a band of supernaturals try to remove her implant and Ian 2 can’t reach her?

Unlike popular belief, Area 51 is a regular top secret government base. However, the government is experimenting in the otherworldly both in Earth and directly from the stars. The facilities are called the 51s, a ironic joke the government liked. DEPARTMENT 51 is the second book in a series that revolves around the 51s and the main character Ava Frost.

Ava is a strong female character, using her wit and sharp tongue as a means of defending herself. She is a civilian and therefore, there is only so much she can actually do when confronted with a vampire or elf or well, military officials who are human. What I like about her is that she stands by her convictions and doesn’t let a gun or threat sway that opinion. She isn’t physically strong and yet, she gets herself in these type of situations that surprise everyone including herself all because of her personal integrity.

Though I haven’t read the first book SECTION 51, reading DEPARTMENT 51 didn’t feel like a chore trying to understand the characters. The author explained what happened in the first book enough to let the reader be able to deduce what happened. That said, I do plan on reading the first and third book, UNIT 51.

The book is funny, action packed, and an overall fun read that keeps you going. The conspiracy that’s introduced in the first book is woven deeper in the second book and hints at a tasty showdown at the series end. A great read for science fiction or fantasy fans. Since I’m more fantasy than science fiction, this book has really broadened my horizons. Can’t wait to read more from VG Harrison.

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