Book Fourteen of 2014: BIRTHRIGHT by Valerie Parv



Danger from the sky
Former police officer turned deputy governor, Shana Akers, is used to handling high-stakes situations. But after learning that a space shuttle mission about to be launched from her island home may have a shocking secret agenda, she must turn for answers to the man who has challenged her mind and emotions for years.
Scientific genius and space center director, Adam Desai, is a truly self-made man. Found adrift at sea as a baby, he knows nothing about his origins until two VIPs attending the launch force him to confront the truth about his past, changing everything Adam has ever believed about himself.
Faced with a danger that threatens the entire world, can Adam and Shana find the strength to trust not only each other, but the mysterious VIPs whose unusual abilities defy logical thinking? Especially when it becomes clear that they’ll need all of their combined resources to reclaim humanity’s…

From the blurb you would think this book was a Romance with Science Fiction elements. In truth, it’s a Science Fiction with a small dash of Romance. Sex is mentioned, but only mentioned. It is Adam Desai’s discovery of who he is that is the focus of the book.

What I like about this book is that Parv wrote in various character point of views, which brought in the idea that this wasn’t your typical science fiction or romance. You get to see the motivations of the villains (yes, two main villains!) and when you would feel some pity for one, Parv quickly shows personality issues about him that makes you despise him.

The writing is easy to get into and I really would have been done in one day if it wasn’t for being sick. The characters are well developed, both the main two and the other more minor characters (who I wouldn’t say are minor). In the midst of the tension there are laughs. You will want to yell at the villain and wish there was a way that he was stopped after many scenes.

I was literally cheering on the characters and yelling at the main baddie. I’m serious, I was into it. I was so into it, I read 80% of it yesterday. Like I said before, if I wasn’t sick, this book would have been a one day read. That’s how much I enjoyed it. I wonder if more will be written with these set of characters and world. There is so much more that could happen, that I would love to see more.

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