Christians, you have a new savior.
Don’t worry. This one’s Jewish too.
And his name is Ralph Pincus.

Ralph joins forces with an evangelical sorcerer and a vampire in order to save the world. The reluctant trio must learn the truth before time runs out: Why does destiny’s invitation sound like the garbled death rattle of a child murderer? What is the secret shame of all good vampires? Does accidentally killing a prostitute hinder one’s sexual development?

All those questions and more will be answered when you read Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire Book 1: The Introductions.
Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and graphic language. It is not intended to be read by anyone under the age of 18.
Talk about a quick read. I was able to finish this book in about three hours, give or take time away to bug my two year old. The writing style is simple, but keeps enough description to not get you guessing.
The beginning of the book was a bit crude, but that’s because there’s is sex mostly in the beginning. It didn’t seem that prevalent except to show how one of the main characters needs a life… the other characters are described as well, but in their own separate backgrounds with their own separate issues. This book is literally an introduction to the characters and who the main villain is later on in the series.
That said, the humor is not lost. I found myself laughing up a storm. Especially in the last twenty percent of the book. That last twenty percent is a butt load of situational awkwardness that kept me going and caused me to gush to a friend. I’m thinking of getting the second one just so I can see more of the crazy that was only introduced in this book.

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