Something’s Off

You know that feeling of dread that comes before something happens? Well, that dread is currently present at the moment. I always have it when I’m anticipating something bad will happen. Which doesn’t make any sense because to be honest, nothing bad is going on.

I am happy. I have a healthy two year old who acts like a two year old(ugh) and I have been doing something absolutely exciting! I’m reading and reviewing for payment. Yes, I know that sounds a bit fishy, but I am using my own words and I do read the books. Everything is in my opinion and I don’t see a problem in that as long as I stay true to myself.

The problem is, I think I was a bit rude to the person who is giving me assignments. I emailed him back with an apology, but I still feel like an ass. I hope this doesn’t hinder any future assignments. I’m loving this, I get to do three of my favorite things: reading, writing, and telling people about the books I read. On top of that, I am reading things I probably never would have if I wasn’t asked to. I mean, I understand if I was an ass and lost my chances at other assignments, but it’d really suck.

Aside from that, I think I’m doing well. I still feel that I could do more with my life sometimes, but I believe that’s like most people. I want to be the very people I look up to, I just hope I’m not as much of an ass as I feel like right now.

It’s strange. I had no idea what my worries were until I just typed it down. Interesting.  Yet another thing to love about writing. Which, by the way, I haven’t stopped doing.

One of these days.


1 thought on “Something’s Off”

  1. Isn’t it funny how through writing we can sometimes sort out our feelings without even realizing it? I know I’ve done that many times. I write it out, get it out of my head and then look back at it and feel that I can better deal with whatever it is.

    Awesome on the reviewing gig, that’s great!

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