Reading, Writing, And Bug… A Boring Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post that isn’t a review and is just a simple update of my life. Not that my life is anything exciting. It isn’t.

Well, I’ve been going through therapy every two weeks to battle my anxiety and obviously it’s been doing well. I’m still alive and kicking. I’m still optimistic and happy. And, I’m no longer ranting to you all about my “horrible” life. Which isn’t horrible, but I love being dramatic and sometimes I write that way too. So, yeah, therapy is going really well. My anxiety is still around and will be until I’ve died of old age, but it’s now manageable.

My husband is having some medical issues of his own. Blood work results came back and the doctor is thinking he has an auto immune disorder of some kind. He had an MRI done and we are waiting for those results. He’s in pain a lot of the time, but the man doesn’t know how to pause and take time during his pain. Honestly, that’s what worries me the most. The fact that he doesn’t like to stop and that may cause issues in the future when we have a diagnosis and he is “managing” it. I’m trying not to worry too much though because honestly, we haven’t gotten a diagnosis yet. Not worth the extra stress.

I’ve been reading a lot and am close to surpassing last year’s number of 43. If you’ve been following my blog reviews, you would see that I’ve read 36. I’ll be done with another later today and probably another tonight. Or tomorrow morning. Either way, looks like 2014 is definitely going to surpass 43 books.

My writing is slow moving. I’m still working on my second draft, but that’s because it’s a complete rewrite and I’m thinking of all of the inconsistencies from my first draft. They already are two completely different books. Same characters and same basic plot, but the way the story is going and written is different. It’s amazing how much change I can see in my writing.

My goal is to finish by October 31st which will give me free time to play and write for NaNoWriMo. Which, I may do with my best friend. I really hope we do for two major reasons, we know each other well enough to make a story together flow and I don’t think I’ll make the full 50K. This way we will both make it. I know, it’s sneaky, but it is within the requirements of the concept of NaNoWriMo.

Also, she and I are writing a book of our own. It was a story idea I had that was percolating for 8 years now. I realized that the characters, which she and I both thought of, would not be complete without her help. On top of that, she is more detailed oriented in her writing and I’m more “wham bam thank you, ma’m.” I know, astonishing since I’m a talker on my blog. But, my blog is an extension of my voice. My stories are not my voice(in a way they are), they are the representation of my characters’ lives. Yes, it’s almost as if I believe they are real. I almost do sometimes.

And now for Bug. My lovable two year old Bug. He’s doing well. The pediatrician feels there maybe a developmental issue with him (a spectrum of autism, which runs in the family). I don’t see it, but it never hurts to get the paperwork and the doctors to look at it. He’s learning more words now and he’s figured out how to open the baby gate we used to enclose him in his room after he figured out how to open doors. It took him under a week to break through those baby proof door knob things and three months to figure out the baby gate. It’s a hassle getting him to bed, but he’s at least napping.

Potty training hasn’t happened yet. Soon though. He’s interested in flushing the toilet paper and he does get upset with the nasty diapers. I’m thinking of just disassembling the potty and making it so that he can use the toilet with his potty seat instead. The kid is not the type to take baby steps. Hell, he has a bicycle already and doesn’t have the power to pedal! But, boy does he love that cycle.

So, yeah, that’s what’s been going on. I’m still buying more books than I can read. I’m still looking for people to hand me free stuff to read. And, nothing much has changed.

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