Taking Time

I’ve been angry a lot lately. Not angry at any specific thing or person; just angry. I’ve noticed that with all of my crazy reading, running around, and chores, I haven’t been doing a lot of ME things. Sure, reading is a ME thing, but it has seem to have become a job. Not that I don’t like it, it’s something I love to do, but after a while you feel bogged down and need that time off. Well, today is my first day off.

I am still reading, but just not at the speed I have been lately. What I want to focus more on is my writing. I think that the everyday stress (my husband’s health issues, a two year old weirdo, housework, etc.) on top of my lack of creative expression has put a damper in my personality. I’m finding myself tired, upset, and at times depressed. For no real reason except the everyday issues.

I’m excited to get back to writing. I’m still on my second draft and I need to work on it fast if I want to be done by November so that I’m free for NaNoWriMo. So, lets get going. I have demons to kill.

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