Book Fifty-Six of 2014: Fierce Salon: Episode One by Aspen Drake



This is a serialized novel. Each episode is a cliffhanger. For mature readers.
On a particularly fateful day in Menlo Park, California, Amy learns that the salon she’s been at for three years has closed and that her boyfriend has been cyber cheating on her. Just as she’s about to hit rock bottom, she gets a job at the hottest salon in town.
Fierce Salon is owned by sexy ex-model Nate Edwards. He’s a player in every sense of the word but keeps his antics out of the salon. But when he notices the new stylist, all of his carefully constructed walls begin to crumble.

This isn’t a full length novel. It is a part of a serial and is the first in a number of episodes to come. Fierce Salon is about an ex-model turned hair stylist and salon owner and a new employee, Amy. The series is supposed to have a new episode monthly, so that would be neat. Each episode is about 60 pages long. A serious quick one day read.

That all said, the first episode of the Fierce Salon series isn’t that spectacular. It pretty much just introduced the characters and set the scene for what’s next. I’m not too keen on the hero, Nate Edwards. He seems to not have that much redeeming qualities and I don’t care for his horn-dogging. Then again, it may change and I hope it does. Amy, the heroine, seems to be someone nice and possibly easy to relate to. She had one nasty day, but glad her luck changed rather quickly . . . or did it?

The writing isn’t bad. It is simple and easy to get into. My only thing is that it’s still too early for me to make a solid opinion about the story or the characters due to the length and the fact that the reader is supposed to grow with the characters. For now, I’m not all that impressed with the story. However, this is the first episode and I’m definitely going to read the second episode. I’m sure I’ll learn more about the characters and the story in that episode. It’s kind of like watching TV for me. The pilot is hardly ever the greatest, I’m usually hooked by episode two or three. I’m hoping Fierce Salon will do the same.

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