Poetry Tuesday(Monday): Global Warming

I know, technically it is Monday. So, how come the title says Poetry Tuesday? Well, tomorrow is a blog tour review and I didn’t want any other blog updates taking the focus out of that. It is my first time doing a blog tour. I’m pretty excited being a part of it. That said, this poetry “Tuesday” has to happen today. Monday.

A little background: The poem was another college poem. The teacher found it interesting with the comparisons I made.


Global Warming


Temperatures are rising, high is at 60

And it’s only in December.

They say it’s global warming,

That the sun’s rays cannot leave the atmosphere,

And that we will all soon bake.


Tension is rising, muggy, humid and thick.

Silence is in the home, but the child is moaning.

Father sits and stares at mother,

Her hands are to her hips, blood on her lips.

And soon they will all bake.


Temperature’s lowering, it seems to snow everyday.

And it’s now in January.

They say it’s global warming.

That the incubation causes the ice caps to melt,

And soon we will all freeze.


The silence is broken, freezing, and cold.

The child is sobbing, stifled by the pillow.

Father is standing, knife in hand, with a smile.

Mother is lying, cold to the touch, blood freezing below her.

And soon they will all freeze.

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