Book Sixty-Six of 2014: Black Widow by P.J. Adams



Two years ago Eleanor Dryton lost her husband, her job and her friends.
She lost everything about her old life that ever mattered to her.
All she had left were her will and a burning desire for revenge.
Now, El has served her time for being an unknowing partner in her murdered husband’s crimes. Her prison sentence has toughened her up and she’s learned that she can be bad.
But when her search for revenge leads her to a man who takes bad to a completely different level just how far is she willing to go? If prison has hardened her, what effect will the man who killed her husband have? And does she even have any control over what happens next?
A dark and disturbing romantic thriller from the bestselling author of Winner Takes All and The Object Of His Desire.

–Author’s Note–
This is a dark romance novel. It contains themes of violence and mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable.

I recieved this First Reads Goodreads Giveaway book for an honest review.

Yes, this book is considered a dark erotic romance, but I didn’t see any of that. What I saw was a dark and twisted story that centered on sexual violence, both from the actions of the characters and the crimes the husband was known for. If sexual violence bothers you, this is not a book you should read. I don’t know how anyone could see this as erotic, but that’s one of the genres it is considered.

Now that I’ve finished saying that, I did actually enjoy the book. The sexual violence in the book made sense, though it was disturbing and I was cringing through it all. I found the book more about finding your freedom and a revenge story. I wouldn’t say that I related to El in that she was like me, but I could understand where she was coming from.

The book is sectioned off with present time and past moments. You see what prison was like for her. You see what brought to her being arrested. You begin to want her to find vengeance. She lost her life and her husband. I’m sorry, but I’d probably be thinking the same things. Now, you may find plot holes (some people did), but I didn’t care about that. It was a quick novella that was dark and delved into the twisted world of f-ed up people. I felt bad for everyone involved.

Luckily, with the ending, the book doesn’t suggest that we should embrace sexual violence in our lives. Like I said before, it was a tool used to show the twisted workings of people and I felt it spread a form of awareness of what life is for some people. I wouldn’t say romance or erotic at all because those would connote that I was “turned on” or had an emotional investment in the relationship of two characters. This is a story about survival and strength. It is a story about revenge. And, I really liked it. Even if it was disturbing.

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