Forgot to Post

I’ve just realized that there have been at least two Tuesdays where I didn’t post a poem. I guess that trend didn’t last long. I’m going to try and have one up tomorrow, but no real promises on that one. My life has been pretty busy lately.

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and running around lately. To be honest, writing hasn’t been my top priority lately. I think it has to do with the lack of crativity in the latest chapter I was writing. It is terrible. I was bored and not happy with the work. Unfortunately, it’s moments like this that can stop me from writing all together. I did finally finish that chapter, but there is no way that I am happy with it. There’s no doubt it will be expunged.

Granted, one chapter out of the fourteen written that I’m not completely happy about isn’t that bad. I can get back into the swing by writing chapter fifteen and keep going. Hopefully my goal won’t be messed up by it.

Stress has also been messing up my creativity. I had a little meltdown Friday night. I was upset because I don’t feel pretty. I needed a change. Something to make me feel alive again. It’s hard for me to feel pretty. It’s even harder for a mother to feel pretty. I happen to be both. Joy. So, I got a haircut and boy do I feel good.

Now, all I need to work on is exercising (not the healthiest of people, I’ll be honest) and my swelling. I swell and I have no idea why. I’m used to icky sweaty palms, but my feet and hands swell up when I’m too hot. It can get uncomfortable when I walk or when I am giving handshakes. Today, I have a doctor’s appointment to see what’s going on. I hope it’s something that is an easy fix and not a full out disease. Well, I’ll see.

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