Getting Ready!

I’m going to see my in-laws soon! This is going to be a fun time because Bug really hasn’t gotten to meet that side of the family yet. Most of my siblings and my parents live in this state with me. Bug knows his uncles, aunts, and his grandparents here, but he’s only met his grandpa and one grandma from Will’s family. It’s going to be fun to see Bug interact with his family.

What makes it even better is that we are treating this like a vacation. The last two times going to Will’s family was enjoyable, but didn’t feel like a vacation for me. It was more like a displacement. I don’t know the area so I didn’t go anywhere. I loved being with the family. It was when everyone else was busy that I got bored. This time though, we are going to have fun.

There’s a reunion to go to, I am apparently going to a Rob Zombie concert, and we may go to the Valissca house. Which I’m not too sure about how I feel on that one. If you don’t know the house I’m talking about, there was a family and two visiting children killed by an axe in that house. The murderer was never caught, though some people have been questioned and I believe one man was acquitted. The house is haunted by the children and two adults in the house. It’s a sad story. Interesting, but still a bit creepy.

That said, I need to get my butt in gear and get stuff taken care of. There’s cleaning and packing to do and only days away before leaving. Sadly, this also means I won’t be updating as I finish a book (I am going to have serious reading downtime). In case you’re wondering why my Goodreads thingy (—-> ) says that I’m currently reading a bunch of books, it’s because I’m listing them for people to know what I’m going to be reading while I’m gone. I plan on handwriting my reviews and then typing them up on the computer when I get home.

This vacation is going to limit much of my phone and net time, which is best for a person like me. It gives me more time for writing (on chapter 17 now!) and more time with my husband. I’m seriously looking forward to this time with family.

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