Just an Update

I know, you guys are probably wondering where I’ve been. I should have had the internet well before today. After all, it was planned that we would be home last Sunday. Well, let’s just say that Branson, Missouri doesn’t like us. On our way to Iowa through Branson, the RV broke down. Luckily, my father in law is an uber awesome guy and drove the EIGHT HOURS to us. He then towed the RV with his Suburban another EIGHT HOURS to Glenwood. It took about a week of solid mechanic work before my father in law and husband were able to make the RV workable. Alas, we had to drive through Branson… that was today.

And now, we are in a campsite wondering what else is wrong with the RV. We aren’t sure if it is a wheel bearing or driving shaft thingy (don’t ask me, I suck at these things). At least we got to a campsite.

Well, that’s why I haven’t been blogging. And, believe me, I have A BUNCH of books to post on this thing. I’m currently reading book #78… yeah, there’s a lot. I’m going to try and write a few reviews now and schedule them out in daily sequence. So, tomorrow, even if I’m not on the internet, you guys will have a review. Unfortunately, the reviews also go to Goodreads and/or Amazon, but they will have to wait until I have a proper mouse. My husband’s laptop isn’t my favorite to use copy and paste with. Well, I’ll be writing to you guys again later. Now, it’s time to churn up these reviews.

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