What’s New?

It’s been a while since I last updated my life on here and I thought: why not? So, here’s a little update on what’s been going on.

I started up a new blog. Yep, I did. It’s casiacourtier.blogspot.com. I started it up because I recently went through a book I just bought (2015 Guide to Literary Agents). It mentioned that as a writer, I should put my name on my blog site’s URL and invest my time in making a Facebook author page. I didn’t want to change this blog’s URL for a number of reasons. 1. Because I didn’t want to miss the readers I did have. 2. Because I don’t know two things about computer web design and what not. 3. Because this blog has become more of a review blog and other things. I wanted the other blog to be more of my journey in writing.

So, I made a new blog (casiacourtier.blogspot.com). However, this doesn’t mean this blog won’t get any updates. Obviously, I’m going to stick with it. I love reviewing and I want to keep this blog for that. I also want you to be updated in my life and writing. Basically, nothing is changing here. I’m just having another blog purely for one thing only.

I am planning on getting a Facebook author page up next year, but I want to have inquiries out for agents before then. I feel that I need to have something substantial. Know what I mean?

Anyways, another new thing going on is that I am only two chapters away from my steampunk series’ first episode. That’s right, just two more chapters and then I edit. I’m also editing my book (it never ends, but it’s not as bad as before). I may not have that done in January, but I definitely want it done before my birthday.

I’ve also decided that once a week I will write a short story. I think this will be a great way to keep myself writing and not feel bogged down by one project at a time. Also, those stories would be submitted to contests and journals as I go. To help me with that, I devised a neat way to keep the inspiration going. I call it my InspireBook.

Need inspiration? Look inside the InspireBook.

Obviously, I didn’t “make” the book. It’s just a simple storage book from Michaels that I decided to use for a different purpose. What I did was go through Pinterest and found a bunch of awesome writing prompts. Stuff that really grabbed me. I printed them out and folded up the pictures (white) and numbered pages (pink). The numbered ones are for a printed list of other prompts. The result was this:

One a week and write. Garauntee way to keep the block dismantled.

There are 43 prompts in all. I know there are more weeks than that in a year, but I’m sure I can reuse or replenish the prompts throughout 2015. On top of that, May is Story a Day month. That’s right, that month will be filled with new short stories (again, that’s the plan).

I’m now debating whether or not I want to post the prompts every week. It’d be fun to see what you guys can do with them as well.



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