Goals for 2015

I’m a big New Year’s Resolutions person. It’s all about lists. I love lists. Lists are the greatest organization tool. 


Every morning, I write a new list of what I’m going to do that day. What makes lists even more fun is crossing out every little thing you’ve finished. I find that I have accomplished something if I can get at the least half of my list finished. And, being a morning person, most of my stuff is crossed out by noon. 


So far, I’ve only been able to get half a list crossed out in a given day, but that half is the chore half. The other half are other things, like my writing or reading or crafting (yes, I craft too). It’s this upcoming new year that I will pay attention to that other half. I want to actually finish a whole day list somewhere in the 365 days of 2015.


That said, I don’t really care if I finish every day’s full list, I just want to say that I finished one. My big list, the real list, is the list I care about. It is my goal list. And, this is the list I am going to post here. 


But, first, let me just say that if I don’t get everything done, I’m still not going to be bummed. This list is also a list I’ll be happy getting halfway done, but still, I want to try.


Goals for 2015:


-Finish at least 1 full day list (had to put it in there)

-Read 90-100 books (I can totally get to 90)

-Write 48-78 short stories 

-Finish 3 Leviticus novellas (my steampunk serial that is planned for self publishing)

-FC 2 drafts 1-2 finished 

-FC 1 edit and ready for agents

-Inquiry letters sent

-Lace drafts 1-2 finished 

-Exercise more often (and if I lose weight, get to 145 pounds. If I don’t lose weight, no biggie)


Out of everything on this list, it’s the writing that is going to be tough. I can edit rather fast and I’m not worried about getting letters sent. But, the massive number of short stories and the four drafts to finish is quite a hefty goal. Honestly, if I can get two first drafts done and even just half of the short story goal, I would say 2015 was a successful year.


However, I believe in planning big and just keep going. Have I accomplished the Goal list of 2014? Not that I can think of, but I’m still happy with what I have done. After all, it’s not the quantity of your days, but the quality. So far, the quality has been pretty nice.

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