An Update On Stuff

I know that lately all you’ve seen were my book reviews and I thought that maybe I should switch things up a bit. Everyone likes a shake down every now and then. Well . . . maybe not everyone. I’m sure people who owe loan sharks or the mafia don’t like getting shaken down. I’m sure there are others as well. However, I’m sure everyone will like this shake down.

I have finished another editing session with my Young Adult book I’ve been working on since 2.5 years ago. Roughly, 2.5 years ago. Yeah, that book I’ve been talking about all the time. Well, I’m now technically on my fourth draft and it is in the typing stage of my red marking. So, I guess I’m not TECHNICALLY finished, but I will be soon. In fact, after this blog post, I will check on Bug and then work on finishing up that typing. It’s almost done though.

My steampunk novella’s first draft is done too. A bunch of people on Facebook probably saw me freaking out about it and offering it to readers. That said, it will be edited soon!

Right now, I’m crafting. I’ve figured out how to make elastic bracelets and have been going crazy about it. I’m planning on putting some up on my Etsy store. I figured elastic bracelets based off of books and other stuff would be a fun thing to do. As well as just regular jewelry. In all, I’m having fun and they don’t look too bad either.

I’m also figuring out a steampunk romance short story for an anthology I want to submit into. It’s not due until November, but I want to get on it ASAP. The last thing I want is to rush into something and not be accepted because of its quality. I can make it work as long as I actually take the time to make it beautiful. I’m learning that.

There are three other short stories I still need to write for The First Line literary journal. I am still going for it. If I did it once, I can do it again. I’m trying different genres this go around too. Hopefully, something will work out, but I am just happy to write now.

Aside from the short stories, I still have my horror I’m working on. It’s mostly planned out, I just need to finish the first draft. I have two romantic comedy novella series percolating in my head right now. As well as an urban fantasy being thought up. I don’t know if the urban fantasy is going to be a full fledged book or a novella. Right now, that is just a fantasy.

These are what I would like to get done this year:

  • Lace
  • Editing Steampunk Novella
  • Short Steampunk Romance
  • Felton’s Creek book 2 first draft
  • The First Line shorts (3)

So far, the list looks very doable. I can do this. Especially since the three TFL stories can be written and edited in the same month. Short stories seem to take me little time unless I’m seriously thinking about them. Maybe I shouldn’t think too hard on the Steampunk Romace. I’m sure I could muster up a short story and just edit like a madwoman. I do have time for that one.

It’s official, I won’t plan too much. I’ll just jot down what I have that I want in the story and just write the story and see where the characters take me. I can do this!

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