Book 34 of 2015: Cop Shot by Lexi Ostrow



Bridget O’Casey has wanted nothing more than to be a cop since she was a little girl and used to listen to her dad’s stories. He however, was completely against it and she found herself modeling. When he was gunned it furthered her desire to put her life in a different direction and finally enroll in the academy. She wanted revenge for her father’s death and honoring him was the only way to really do so. A night of partying before the first day could spell disaster when she finds out who the deadly handsome man was.

Jeremy Trellins is a high profile detective. When things get slightly of out control and he’s put on training duty he wanted nothing to do with it. Until he found out the woman he slept with the night before was now one of the recruits. He’s torn between his duty and his desire and she’s not giving him any indication she doesn’t want him right back.

When a series of police station shootings break out across southern California things get shaky as the academy must make the choice to train, or shut down. She will have to find a way to balance training, a not so secret relationship that could both of them removed from the force and a killer that has his sites on her.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Cop Shot is an erotic thriller. Though there may be some romantic elements in the book, it is not to be considered a romance.

The book is written with two different views. The first is Bridget O’Casey, a no nonsense take charge woman who changes her model career for the life of the police force. Her story encompasses a budding relationship amidst police training. The second view is a hardened criminal out for revenge. He’s taking down the police, one station at a time.

For me, I loved the characters more than the story itself. It didn’t necessarily have the thriller bits that you would expect in a thriller novel per se. However, the characters make it worth reading and their emotions through traumatic events makes you want them to push through. I would say this book is more like an introduction to a possibly awesome female lead.

By “possibly”, I mean that Bridget has what it takes to take the cop thriller literature up a few notches. She’s already a kickass and awesome female lead, but if Ostrow chose to write more for Bridget, I can see it getting awesome.

Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t necessarily say this is completely a thriller (though it’s definitely not a romance). What I mean by that is that usually in thrillers you see the main character going through a series of action events trying to find the culprit. However, Bridget O’Casey isn’t doing that. What she is doing is dealing with a personal trauma while training to be a police officer. She has a lot on her plate.

That isn’t to say that the thriller parts aren’t interesting. On the contrary, I was just as into the villain as I was the hero. The villain just got out of prison and is enacting revenge on the police force for what he thinks are false charges. Sure, he’s not an angel, but they convicted him under the wrong pretenses. Any seasoned criminal would be ripely upset over this. He’s not known for what he actually has done. He’s known for what he hasn’t done.

Trevor isn’t a good guy and he never claims to be. His scenes can be disturbing and messed up. He’s sexually charged with the crimes he’s committing now out of prison. This is what makes him an interesting character. His scenes are thriller. I just wouldn’t say complete thriller because Bridget O’Casey isn’t off hunting bad guys while Trevor is doing his thing.

That said, I feel the need to express my want of more Bridget O’Casey. Without giving spoilers, the ending was both charged with energy and tears. I found myself at the edge of the couch reading fervently, wanting to know what happens next. Though I was upset with the fates of some characters, I found the ending to be fulfilling. It is true to real life, not fantasy. It is this fact that makes me want more.

I want to see Bridget as the cop she inevitably becomes because of the events of Cop Shot. Now, whether or not the author does do that is up to her. Meanwhile, I’ll just leave a corner of my mind on Bridget and just speculate what her future would be like.

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