Book 35 of 2015: Redeemed by Aiden James and Lisa Collicutt



Solomon is on a desperate quest to free his beloved, Desiree, from her frigid prison in the darkest reaches of the Outerworld.

Armed with his crystal shard of light, the sliver of black mirror that the witch Madeline Jacobs pulled Desiree through, and the key to a fabled unholy shrine in this world of darkness, Solomon departs modern day Savannah on his final journey. Together, the star-crossed lovers escape Madeline’s minions through frozen hells to another world, in some ways even more terrible: Savannah, Georgia during the American Civil War.

The locals don’t take kindly to the persimmon-haired beauty, Desiree. Her comely appearance marks her as a witch, and her foolish confidence as a history major runs afoul of the stark reality of the harsh conditions her African-American ancestors faced in slavery. Meanwhile, the demon Amon is determined to take over Solomon’s entire being in order to possess Desiree – a battle Solomon isn’t sure he can win.

Time is running out, and Solomon must make the ultimate sacrifice to protect those he loves…

I received this book from the publisher, Curiousity Quills Press, for an honest review.

I feel a bit at a loss with this book. And I know the reason for that. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the first two books before this one. With that in mind, I will continue with the review.

I was instantly pulled into what was going on right in the beginning. My guess is that this book literally starts where the previous left off and I’ll tell you, it was descriptive and awesome. I liked the vision of the underworld (errr, I mean outerworld). It’s cold, but beautiful.

I didn’t have a problem understanding the characters or the background of the first two books. Which is nice if someone makes the same mistake as I did. I did like the characters in this book.

Solomon seemed a truly broken man working his way of redeeming himself and keeping the woman he’s fallen in love alive. Though she is a witch, Desiree is the woman that brought him out of his darkest spot. At least, that’s how I felt about him. Desiree, on the other hand, is a woman willing to push back expectations and her own safety to be with the man she’s fallen for. Even if that means fighting the demon that has a grip on his soul.

I’m pretty sure that’s how readers of the previous books would describe the two because even in this book, I could see the amount of work the two have to go through to keep their relationship going.

I did like the deep South feel of the book and how you are transported to a time where slavery was close to its demise. There was tension when Solomon and Desiree were back in Savannah. There was also the demon, Amon, who I would say is a disturbing, but enjoyable evil character. He has a sick obsession with Desiree and I like it.

In all, I wasn’t too confused where I had to put the book down. I did read it all through the end and I did like it. I do wish I had opened the first two beforehand though. I probably wouldn’t have been turned off with as many paranormal characters as I was. Did that stop me from reading? No. Will I read the first two? I would, I just have a long list of books first.

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