It’s Like Torture

I am of the opinion that choosing a career in writing is not romantic.

Seriously, it isn’t. You have to be disciplined or at least motivated to write every day even when there is nothing to write on your mind. You have to search for inspiration or just write until inspiration decides to visit. Your muse is under the opinion that you can only work at times that are your busiest times. You have a doctor’s appointment? Oops, idea! You’re on a date? Hope you brought that pad of paper, idea!

And then there is the dreaded editing. You are constantly editing; trying to find a new way to tell your story and strengthen the two dimensional characters you worked so hard to write. And that doesn’t even count the word limit that publishers and magazines ask for writers. Let’s also not mention the dreaded moment when you send your work to faithful friends only to think up of new chapters for your story.

And that is where I’m at.

I sent my fourth draft to my best friend, sister, and mom for their humble opinions. I know them, they are going to get nasty when nasty is needed and nice when I least expect it. They are more willing to kill my lovelies when I just want them to grow up in a world of readers.

This was about a month and a half ago. What happened? Well, they aren’t even done reading and I’ve just thought of potentially three chapters and a chapter revision while doing the dishes. It started as a speculative question and became a notion that these new chapters would not only beef up the book, but also strengthen the story.

Writing is torture. I’m serious. It is.

If it wasn’t, more writers would be rich and more rich people wouldn’t hire writers to write their autobiography. I am now writing a short story, but I can’t wait to finish it just to go back to the book I sent out a month and half ago. I don’t know what’s worse: the torture of writing or the fact I love to be tortured.

Well, slap my ass and call me Anastasia Steele. Looks like I’m going to have to finish up fast just to write my fifth draft. God, I hope this is the last.

Wait, it will be because if I don’t send out by draft five, I WILL end up editing that thing to no end and NEVER get anywhere. Alright, time to get a move on.

Note: I just now updated this post because of some errors. I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM EDITING!!!

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