Book 44 of 2015: Dangerous Stranger by E.L. Todd



Standalone. No cliffhanger. HEA. Other books in the series can be read in any order.
Jett takes his job as an escort seriously. He’s not just playing a part, and he tries to help people as much as he can. When a guy asks him to pose as his boyfriend, Jett doesn’t hesitate. Following the rules has always been easy, but with a dude, it will be a walk in the park.
But he doesn’t expect to meet his lovely sister. A curvy brunette with green eyes, she’s the type of woman he’s never encountered before. She’s the opposite of a damsel in distress. She’s strong, witty, and sassy. And Jett is immediately interested.
But he can’t break the rules. Not ever.
No Kissing.
No Feelings.
And No Sex.
But Jett struggles with this agreement with every passing day. And if he could break the rules, how would he manage? She thinks he’s gay, and how will he tell her otherwise without blowing his client’s cover?
And why does he want to blow it at all?

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I would have to say that this was my second to least favorite in the contemporary romance series, Beautiful Entourage.

The main conflict in this book is that Jett is posing as a gay man for his gay client, but falls for his client’s hot sister. Obviously, she thinks he’s gay and apparently she can’t figure out that he’s straight. Which isn’t all that surprising because I’m the same way. If you are my friend and are gay, I would never know until you said something. If you were kissing your S.O. I would only shrug and go “huh”. Not even that would say “oh, you’re gay.”

The situation of the main conflict isn’t what bothered me. However, it is a part of it. I didn’t care that Jett was flirting with a client’s sister even though he was posing as a gay man. It felt like he didn’t care about consequences and was just doing something because it made him feel good. Sure, he’s in love and people in love can do stupid things, but it felt wrong. That act is mentioned by Max, but I felt he needed to do more about it or at least reveal to everyone the truth. It felt like an issue that, once addressed, was easily swept aside (from the characters’ point of view).

That said, the characters are good. I love the relationship of Max and Ophelia. They remind me of two of my own characters who have the same loving sibling relationship. Jett had moments that I wanted to smack him around, but in those moments I could understand his lapse of judgement. They were more like smacks of reminders. His romance with Ophelia does take a while to grow and that was nice.

Aside from my feelings while reading the book, the romance wasn’t half bad.

2 thoughts on “Book 44 of 2015: Dangerous Stranger by E.L. Todd”

  1. Interesting premise, and good review. I’m a little confused when you say you think it was supposed to be light, but it came off too serious.

    What tipped you off that it should be light? The plot? The dialogue? What made it feel too serious? The diction? The drama?

    1. Hmmmm… I would have to say that I needed to reword that. I can see the confusion and even I am slightly confused by that. I’m not entirely sure what I meant.

      In fact, I’ve just edited the review to better state what I felt (keeping out the “light” and “serious”). Thank you for your comment!

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