Book 45 of 2015: Seductive Guest by E.L. Todd



Standalone. No cliffhanger. HEA. Other books in the series can be read in any order.
River has been looking for the right girl to settle down with for years. But through all his travels and exploits, he’s never found a girl whose interested him enough to stick around. They are just notches on his belt.
And he’s given up his search
But when River is escorting a beautiful woman, he listens to her smart-ass remarks and witty personality. Not only is his body interested physically, but his mind becomes interested as well.
But she’s off limits.
As an escort, there are certain rules he can’t break.
No Kissing.
No Feelings.
No Sex.
But River wants to break them all.

I received this contemporary romance from the author for an honest review.

Out of the five books in the Beautiful Entourage series, Seductive Guest, would be my second favorite. This is the fifth book in the contemporary romance dealing with an escort service and the women who changed the world the men knew of.

Okay, let me start that the one thing that made me gag about this book were the main characters’ names. River and Meadow. Honestly, everyone has fairly exotic names and it would have been nice for a really normal name. Like Richard and Melanie. However, this wasn’t something that made me upset over. Even the characters poked fun on this couple’s name. Which was a great breather and laugh. It became even more hilarious when the couple decided on the future flower children’s names. So, for something that gave me an initial gag, I was happy to see some fun poked into the book about their names. It made the peeve nothing more than a passing moment.

Now that that’s said, I liked Meadow the best. She’s strong, but insecure. She’s beautiful, but oblivious to that beauty. She’s smart, but had blonde moments. I could relate to her. Just as I think every woman could, but especially me. I’m slightly flighty even though I’ve been told that I’m intelligent. It was her strength, but obliviousness that made me like her and believe her as a character.

River was probably the sweetest out of the group of guys. Yes, he was a guy who slept around a lot, but he definitely felt more childlike… let me rephrase that… more innocent… hmmm… not naive… ehhhh… well, that soft attribute to a personality that makes you adorable and worthy of admiration. He was insecure in his own way and that was nice to see. The other guys’ insecurity (minus Rhett) sometimes felt a bit aggressive or possibly abusive. I didn’t feel that way with River.

The romance, like the others in the series, does take a while to grow. The couple don’t just jump in and have wild bed fun and then insta-love. There’s a growth and I like that. That’s definitely a strong point about E.L. Todd.

All in all, not a bad book.

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