Book 76 of 2015: Night of the Demon by Various Authors (Anthology)


Give in to sin.
Things that go bump in the night aren’t always evil, sometimes they’re made for sin. Demons are more than the dark counterparts they’ve been told to be, they’re sensual beings ready to ensnare humans for their own. From sensual encounters with angels, to dream gods and crossroads demons, your senses will be whet and begging for more. Everyone likes to dance with the devil, and these demons will have you wishing they were yours. Seven talented authors weave tales of ecstasy and love with demons.

I received a copy of this book from one of the authors featured in the anthology for an honest review.

Night of the Demon is an erotic paranormal fiction anthology. This means the audience needs to be 18 and over. I don’t want anyone younger reading this book saying I recommended it to them. Don’t blame me if you get in trouble with your gaurdian, teacher, or just blush beyond belief.

Each of the seven short stories has a demonic sexual encounter. You will find demons falling in love, demons getting benefits for their good work, and demons bringing people into their fold. There are all types of sexual encounters with same sex and not. So, keep that in mind.

Every writer has a different style and you can see that in this anthology. However, each story was easy to get into. For the most part, every author were able to grip me and keep me reading for most of their story. I especially liked the first three stories the best, but every story had a quality to them.

There were moments where I blushed and had to put down the book. I am apparently still a bit of an innocent. The erotic scenes did not seem out of place with their stories. I’m glad to see that because even though this anthology are erotic stories, they are stories. Sex should not get in the way of a good tale. But, like I said, the authors did well in telling their stories and holding up the excitement of the eroticism.

In all, it wasn’t a bad book. It was a good read to just fall into. If you like erotic fiction and demons, go for it.

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