Book 77 of 2015: Video Kill by Joanne Fluke


It is the best script Erik Neilsen and Tony Rocca ever wrote. They call it Video Kill, a shocker about a psycho who videotapes beautiful actresses as he murders them. But when the killings really happen, Erik and Tony must race to keep the video killer from finding more victims!

I’ve been on a kick for horror and mystery. It might be because it’s October, but I just need to freak out. Anyway, that’s why I checked out this audio book from the library. If you don’t know, I love listening to audio books when exercising or doing chores. It keeps out the monotony.

I have mixed feelings about Video Kill. The mystery wasn’t really there because I did have the killer pegged quickly. However, I didn’t get my suspicions confirmed until the end. There were moments that I was second guessing myself. But, like I said, the mystery wasn’t really there. The characters seemed to go through their day to day life and fell into their own insecurities and suspicions. The police officer didn’t seem to do much in the way of investigating.

However, this book was written in the 80’s. A time when DNA was still in its infancy. So, perhaps in the means of physical evidence it would be difficult. But, the police officer didn’t seem to question anyone involved with the Video Killer screenplay or movie. Something I would have done if I was investigating a serial killer.

The book felt like a homage to Hitchcock. The murders were similar to Hitchcock’s films and the characters do make reference to it. This honestly kept me going. I love Hitchcock and I loved listening to Video Kill.

Was I surprised? No. Did I find the ending exciting? Yes. It had action and felt like a final scene you would see in a Hitchcock film. I also liked the viewpoints of the victims as they were being killed.

I think what really gave me the creeps about this book wasn’t the Hitchcock references, but the fact the killer video taped his murders. He made snuff videos. That’s creepy, disgusting, and if the book was written today; I am sure the killer in this book would have downloaded the videos into the internet. Yet another disturbing factor that could leave a person awake at night.

In all, it wasn’t a bad book. It was predictable. There were times that it was boring too. I didn’t have an emotional attatchment to any of the characters. Really, it was a book to kill time with (pun intended).

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