Book #21 of 2016: A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund


The only thing harder than fighting for what’s right…is fighting their feelings for each other.

For three years, the Cloaked Bandit has terrorized Wessex, robbing the nobility by knifepoint and a well-placed arrow. But little dos anyone know, this bandit is in fact Juliana Wessex, the rightful ruler of the land and a girl her tyrannical uncle—the current Lord Wessex—believes was killed along with her father.

Juliana has become skilled at hiding from Lord Wessex in the forest, using her stolen goods to provide food and shelter to the peasants her uncle has taxed into poverty. But when she robs Collin Goodrich, her red hair betrays her true identity. Lord Collin remembers Juliana from their childhood—and challenges her to stay on his estate for a week in hopes she will leave her thieving ways and become a proper lady once more. Juliana is intrigued by Collin and his charms, but only time will tell if he can overcome her distaste of the nobility—as well as win her heart.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review. I was not compensated except for the enjoyment of the book.

A Daring Sacrifice by Jody Hedlund is a historical romance that has a female Robin Hood as the heroine and a Lord as the hero. It is the second book in a series of historical romances, but you don’t have to read the first book to get into the story. From what I understand, each book in the series centers on different couples, but is in the same time period and some of the characters may know each other.

This book was a quick read. I was pulled into it fast and finished it fast. The female lead, Juliana is a passionate woman. She tries so hard to take care of the people she has grown to love since her father’s death. No matter how hard her life is, she keeps fighting and tries to find a way to help. She is stubborn, sacrificial, and a cocky character.

That may sound bad, but I loved her. The bad parts of her personality only make her more interesting. I wasn’t wanting to throttle her. I feel that if she, or Collin (the male lead and a male version of her), were real people, I’d be having a blast with them. They are inspiring despite their very human issues.

The story was more about their relationship and how the worlds they know don’t clash as Juliana originally believes. The growing love is believeable and does take some time, like a real relationship. The more political side of the story is interesting, but the book doesn’t center on it. It is resolved in the end, but the politics isn’t the focus.

All in all, the book was a fun read. I enjoyed the growing romance and bantering between Collin and Juliana. It was a quick and enjoyable read. I’m even thinking about reading more of Hedlund’s work.

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