Book #22 of 2016: Cutting Edge by Allison Brennan



When security specialist Duke Rogan’s state-of-the-art computer system fails at a controversial bio-tech firm, a raging inferno spreads, and a grotesquely charred body is discovered in the aftermath. With an extremist anti-technology group claiming responsibility, the case grows even more complex when the victim’s autopsy unexpectedly reveals that he bled to death. Heading the FBI’s domestic terrorism unit, Agent Nora English is fiercely determined to track and stop a sadistic assassin.

Cutting Edge is the third book in the FBI trilogy by Allison Brennan. A suspense romance, the book deals with crime and has romantic elements.

I actually liked this book somewhere between the first and second. It had centered on a different world in the law (same world in the series, I just mean that the initial type of crime isn’t usually seen). Usually, you see a crazy psychopath serial killer and the law goes after them. Though this book did have a psychopath, the initial crime is domestic terrorism under the guise of environmental protest. It was interesting to see that type of world. You would think it was only a 60’s thing, but really there are still groups like that. You just don’t see it in suspense romance as much.

The up for the romance in the book is that the hero and heroine know each other. They have worked with each other before and Duke Rogan has pursued Nora quite a few times. It is her own insecurities and walls that prevent them to be together. That is, until someone Duke knows is found dead in a fire.

Duke is a great male lead. He’s protective, loving, but still holds that Alpha male aspect we see in many romances. Not to mention, he’s an attractive man. Nora, is just as protective and loving. She may be a bit on the softer side for a strong female role, but I find that it strengthens the idea that strong women have to hide their emotions. The fact that she can be emotional, but still gets the job done, shows a bigger strength than a heroine who is whiny and lets the man do it or is completely against her emotions. As an emotional woman, I find her to be a great model.

So far, I find Allison Brennan a great author and I will be going to read more of her books. There is another trilogy that features some of the supporting characters in the FBI trilogy and there is a full series with Sean Rogan (who I love as much as his big brother Duke). So, yeah, I’ll be reading more of her.

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