Book #27 of 2016: Captivated by Nora Roberts


Screenwriter Nash Kirkland figured self-proclaimed witch Morgana Donovan would be a great “resource” for his next horror movie. The problem was, getting to know Morgana was becoming an obsession.

Was he truly in love, or was he just bewitched?

Morgana could accept Nash’s skepticism, and, fortunately for him, she found him outrageously attractive as well as endearingly sweet. But could an ordinary man handle being in love with a rather extraordinary woman?

I found this book (and the cover I posted here) in a thrift store. I have read quite a few of Nora Roberts’ books in the past and she is an author my mom and I share interest in. I have no idea if my mom has read the book, but I went ahead and bought it since I didn’t at the time.

Like with all Harlequins, the book was a fast read. I actually read most of it in one day during a train trip. It only took longer than it would have because of the driving I had to do and actual work.

I always find Roberts’ take on witchcraft uplifting. The magic is equivalent to the movie version of Practical Magic. It is hereditary, spiritual, and a personal act. There are no cauldrons or graveyard spells. The magic in this book is closely associated with the magic of modern day pagans.

There isn’t much about the two characters that grabbed me. Nash had emotional issues and did prove to be a more softer male lead. He had masculine traits, but didn’t scream alpha male. I liked that. He is artsy, but also a bit arrogant. Morgana had similar traits to Nash. She seemed soft as well, but feisty when it came to it.

There was no epic battle or looming epicness on the horizon. The book was a simple love story between a man and woman. It had magic, but the magic was used more like a way to explain the quick love. They were destined. And though I would prefer a relationship to provide ground work first, the destiny aspect isn’t the same as some other destiny romances I’ve read.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad book. It wasn’t amazing either. It’s just a simple romance with magic. Not my favorite Nora Roberts, but that’s fine.

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