Book #28 of 2016: Worlds on Fire by Lexi Ostrow


Julian Michelson is a firefighter in a small town in Alabama. He’s been struggling for years to prove to himself that Word Speakers, people who can pull characters from books, exist. Why? Because he’s supposed to be one and he’s failed every step of the way and a war is supposedly coming.

Serena, a princess in fictional medieval Britain, is the epitome of a good girl. She lives to appease her father and her country. That is until she felt a strange voice in her head before waking up and seeing a handsome man through the flames of a fire in a strange world. Now she’s stuck in his world and is none to happy with him despite her fascination with the new world and her growing attraction for him.

Julian must make amends to Serena, his first and only Guardian, because if she leaves he can kiss his gift goodbye. A lust they can’t deny spikes between them as Word Speaker and Guardian and they must decide – are they in the fight together, or do they go their separate ways?

 I received a code for the Audible audio book from the author for an honest review.

Technically this book is set between the first and second book in the Guardian series and though you may not need to read this book to understand the main storyline, I found it does help understand the elusive unnamed brothers (otherwise known as Trench Coat and Leather Jacket). May I just add that everytime I read Trench Coat, I think of Castiel from Supernatural.

Anyways, Worlds on Fire deals with a Word Speaker with the polar opposite amount of abilities than Ciara Miller in the first book. Julian Michaelson is an alpha male. He has a hero complex, is a fireman, and wants to prove himself. He is compassionate and has a gentleman quality to him that made him endearing. He isn’t a typical He-Man-Alpha and I liked that. In contrast, Serena, his Guardian, is very much a girly girl. She is a princess which should say it all. However, she does have spunk and I also liked her as a character.

As always, Ostrow writes well and pulled me into the story quickly. I could see the characters interact and I loved the action. The book is a quickie for anyone with about four or five hours to spare. You can do it like me and take your time or just go for the long haul. And, the steamy scenes were steamy.

Now, for the audio portion… I was actually surprised with Ostrow’s choice. The narrator is British and the accent was used when he narrated the book. This took a bit of time for me to grasp it (especially since Julian is from Alabama). However, his voice is nice and after the initial shock, I wasn’t deterred. His female voice is a bit of a giggly spot, but I imagine voicing a demure princess could be challenging.

All in all, it was a great book. It was definitely one of the favorites in the series and I am going to continue reading/listening to Ostrow’s work.

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