What’s Up?

Well, it has been a long time since I did a personal blog update. I mean, honestly, my life hasn’t changed too much. It has been pretty normal.

I did have a bout of anxiety and emotional issues that stemmed to me being on meds again. I’ve finally admitted that there is no cure for my anxiety and I just need to work with it and not try to fight it. Fighting is a lot of work and stress. Accepting it as it is just helps me figure out myself again. I thought I had accepted it before, but after accepting that medication is helpful, I’ve been more calm.

That isn’t to say that I am so calm that I don’t stress. I still do. In fact, I’m recognizing that I need to accept time off from Bug. He’s a very active little boy and I don’t have the energy I need to sustain every day of his activity. I am working on that though.

I’ve been walking more (I have an activity band!) and I’m a silly dancer when I’m helping out with my brother, J. He helps me out too. J has an infectious smile and loves to boss me around. I find myself pushing harder because of his influence. It helps me with Bug and my overall outlook.

As for my writing, I’m going at it slowly. My best friend, Crys, is making sure I stick to my plan. She’s given me a deadline. I have to be done by the end of July. We are doing GISHWHES and she wants me in my best creative mood for it. I’m excited about that. Who doesn’t love doing something outside the box that brings smiles?

My reading is going. I have a huge list of books for reviewing. Most of them are through NetGalley, but I’m still reading through author requests. I am still accepting, it’s just taking a bit longer than last year. I need to find a balance and I’m slowly doing that. Even if it means I have to read and walk at the same time (I’ve missed doing that and have started doing it again. It’s a twofer).

So, that’s the update of my life. Nothing too special.  I want to try and have a mini-update or musings blog post every week. I’m not sure if it will stick to one specific day of the week, but I’m going to try.

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