Pumpkin Puppy – Rescued Dog

It seems my family (immediate and extended) are filled with people who rescue animals. In my home alone, every animal we have are rescue animals. We have even on occasion rescued some people. Though those instances didn’t end the way we probably would have liked.

Just last Friday, I was one of the people saving a dog. She was initally found by a neighbor of my best friend. My best friend got some water and wet cat food. Another neighbor got some water as well. The first neighbor who found her (dog is a she), was trying to contact animal control.

19 Pounds- Pumpkin. She’s happy now.


Since it was hot and animal control was taking forever, I couldn’t leave not knowing if this girl was going to survive just waiting for the animal control. I started up the truck, picked her up using a towel from a neighbor, and took her to the vet with Bug and Crys.

From talking to the vet, we were able to set up a plan and get her recovery going. She is malnourished and dehydrated, but we are working towards that. She was an absolute sweetheart through the whole ordeal and was seriously tuckered out. She seems to have taken a liking to Bug and wants him near her all the time.

She has started eating and has begun to sleep comfortably in a kennel that my mom gave us for her. She has a nice little bed that was originally a cat bed from Crys’ sister, Hime. Everyone who has come across her through photos or met her have taken to her. It’s great to see an animal who has had a rough life suddenly relax when the enviornment is a healthy one. It’s amazing that she doesn’t seem stressed about where she’s at and who she’s with.

I know some friends are putting feelers out for potential forever homes for her, but right now everyone is more concerned with her recovery. We have named her Pumpkin.

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