Wrtie Here, Write Now (#1)

I know, bad pun. I honestly couldn’t help it. I’m big on puns and it seemed like a great idea to do that with my Friday update posts. Yep, I finally figured out a day for my personal updates on what’s going on.

As you can probably see, my reading is going well. I seem to have started reviewing frequently now. I don’t know if it will continue on for next week or not, but I’m hoping I can have four book reviews a week. If not, I’ll be happy with two or three. It’s not like I’m in a hurry, I just like seeing that I am posting frequently. This is the longest I’ve had a blog going.

I used to have a LiveJournal, like in high school (ten years ago… ugh), but I stopped posting in it shortly after getting it. It mostly just showed my test results and crap like that. Basically, it was my Facebook before Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I am planning on setting up an author/blog FB page. I don’t remember if I said that last Friday, but it’s still in the thinking stage. I want to have a solid balance of my life before adding a new factor. Besides, I haven’t had something published in a while.

And now for my writing, I am done editing two chapters and am still editing. I actually love the editing process more than the writing. Granted, I do more writing when I’m editing.

I’ve found that doing my chores in the morning and ending my day reading and writing is the best way for me. I’m sure that will change, it always seems to, but I’m feeling good about it currently.

How is everything going with you guys?

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