Book #44: Paranormal Intruder by Caroline Mitchell


An innocent family finds itself completely helpless against the sudden onset of paranormal activity in their quiet rural home. A knife embedded in a kitchen cupboard, crockery smashed by invisible hands, and blood-chilling growls emit from thin air. Caroline and her husband Neil search for answers as they try to protect their family from the unseen entity that seems determined to rip them apart. The biggest question looms over them like a dark cloud … who is going to help us? There are emergency services for many things, but not of this nature. It might be easier to believe temporary insanity, if not for the vast amount of witnesses. Police, fire services, mediums, priests and investigators all become embroiled in the mystery. The family struggles to cope, and Caroline grows concerned for her husband’s failing health as he withdraws from the world. However, the entity has only just begun. Paranormal Intruder is the true story of one family’s brave fight against an invisible entity. Described as one of the best-documented cases of paranormal activity, this page turning book will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

I was originally interested in this book through a Goodreads Giveaway, but didn’t win. When I started reading another book by Caroline Mitchell, I was intrigued about what spurred her in the direction of the paranormal. I opted for the audio book of this and was sucked in.

The book, though technically nonfiction, is written in a creative format that helps you forget you are listening to a true story. There were times I was sucked in and I saw the witnesses as characters, not actual people. It was well written and a great way to pull in an audience without bogging them down with evidence and theories about the paranormal. Although no answers were given, it only proves that you won’t get all the answers in real life. In real life, you have to go by faith.

I found some of the experiences to be a bit unbelieveable, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I have never had an experience to that extent. I’ve only heard disembodied voices (which did chill me to the bone the way the phone calls did for Caroline and family) and I’ve had a few experiences of seeing things that didn’t make sense. There hasn’t been the amount of psychological or physical torment that Mitchell and her family had gone through.

To imagine that this has been going on for years and is still present, astounds me. I don’t know if I would have the energy to continue the way this family has. If anything, this book keeps affirming my own spiritual beliefs. Yes, I am a healthy skeptic with some of the events, but I have no doubt that Mitchell and her family had/have exactly what the book is titled.

My only wish is that I could find the pictures or the audio files. This book has fed the paranormal lover in me and I want to learn more. There were times I played with the idea of starting investigating. This book is continuing that idea, though I think I need to figure out how to protect myself first.

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