Pumpkin Update

Now, I know it’s only been a week, but I wanted to give out an update on Pumpkin’s status.

We haven’t gone to the vet’s office again yet, but that will be scheduled for next week. So far, Pumpkin is eating. She may not eat two meals a day every day, but every day some food is going in her. I’m noticing she prefers soft food that has some warmth. I theorize it helps with the smell and entices her, but I’m not sure.

It was a bit difficult to feed her at first. For some reason, Pumpkin didn’t like eating in front of me or being in a room away from one of us. I had to feed her at times when one of us were in the office where her kennel was. Now, she can eat with an audience. She doesn’t reach for table scraps (which is good, but I’m sure that will change).

It didn’t take long for her to assimilate with the other animals and she’s now sleeping most of the day away with the others. It seems I have some lazy dogs.

No real fights. There were a few times when Pumpkin went street dog, but no one got hurt in the process. She was only that way to dogs. She’s still sweet as pie around us bipeds.

She’s still a big cuddler and has become an addition to the master bed. She sleeps under the covers between me and Will. She doesn’t seem to have a complete preference on who her human is. She follows me, Will, or even Bug on different occasions and has been able to wander around my mom’s house without the leash.

Here are some pictures of Pumpkin doing her thing. I’m going to try and keep a weekly update on her with pictures to show progress. Who doesn’t love pictures?

20160614_133316 received_10153823358928759

Yeah, she has a rather sad puppy look. I haven’t seen her do a dog smile, pant, or lick us, but her tail wags all the time. She’s at a point where she knows she can trust us and that we care about her. Time will tell if she’ll smother us with kisses. I’m not big on kisses, so I’m good either way. It’s the cuddles I love.

She does love going on walks and I’m thinking I will have to make that happen. I would like to wait until she has some more meat on her though. I’ve already gotten stares and not the good kind.

I can only giggle about that. I’m sure a lot of people who have taken care of animals in Pumpkin’s condition have also had glares from their neighbors. I’m considering it a rite of passage. At least no one has called it in… then again, what does that say about people?

Hmmm… I don’t want to think about that right now. Know that she is loved and that there will be more on Pumpkin.

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