The Weekly Update

I know. I’m still trying to find a nifty title for my Friday updates. If anyone has a suggestion, PLEASE tell me. There is a special space in my heart for alliteration (you can only guess how excited I was when I changed my last name. Casia Courtier has such an awesome ring to it). So, if you can think of something and are willing to tell me . . . sweet.

For anyone worried about Pumpkin, she is doing well. Still very skinny, but she is eating for the most part. She still has an issue with the other dogs getting in her face, but it happens. She’s still lovey and I have finally found a food she loves.


Yep, the ground beef and ground turkey was doing well until her stomach got upset over it. I gave her some chicken and she scarfed it down fast. It looks like chicken is a good idea.

As for my writing… ugh. I need to seriously get on that. I’ve been walking around trying to get Bug to lose all that energy. He’s been extra hyper lately. I’m planning on taking him to a playground every weekday morning starting Monday (technically it started just this week, but with J it gets tiring). Once we start that routine, I’ll be able to write more later in the day.

It’ll work. He’s already starting to tire more and I’m starting to feel more energized myself.

Unfortunately, that means I won’t be making the deadline Crys gave me. Then again, I doubt she will be all that surprised by it. As long as I devout my all to GISHWHES (yep, doing that next month), it should be fine.

All in all, everything is going well. I’m getting more chores done all the time and the house is starting to feel right again. Now time to work on my other stuff.

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