In Case You Haven’t Noticed

I have changed my blog’s address from to I decided to do this because I’m trying to become more professional in the literary world. I have big plans coming up and a site with my moniker was a better choice than the longwinded beginning of it all.

It will still have the same content as the last one and maybe a bit more (depends on how well the big plans go). All in all, I’m pretty excited.

I’m not sure how to redirect traffic, so a blog post was made in the old address and the current one has been displayed on my social media. I will figure it all out eventually. I’m just not a tech savvy girl. I write blogs and stories; not web stuff.

See? I don’t even know the terminology.

Anyhow, I just wanted to put up what’s going on. I have a lot of blog posts to work on today and all of them are reviews. Sorry, but you will be bogged down soon enough with them.

Thank you everyone for understanding!

  • Cass Courtier

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