Book #62: The Spider Stone (Rogue Angel #3) by Alex Archer


In the crumbling remains of a tunnel that was part of the Underground Railroad, a mysterious artifact reveals one of the darkest secrets of Africa’s ancient past. Intrigued by the strange, encrypted stone, archaeologist Annja Creed opens a door to a world–and a legend–bound by a fierce and terrible force. She is not alone in her pursuit of the impossible. A bloodthirsty African warlord, and an international corporate magnate exploiting a land, a culture and a people, are equally anxious to stake their claim on the relic’s unknown power. Annja’s odyssey deep into the primeval jungles of Senegal becomes a desperate race to stop those eager to unleash the virulence of the Spider God….

The Spider Stone is the third book in the Rogue Angel series. I actually liked this one better than the first two.

It’s been a while since I started this series and I wasn’t too sure if I should continue with it after the second book Solomon’s Jar. But, I thought, why not? After all, I like series books and I needed something that wasn’t a book for reviewing. So, I took it up.

I’m glad I did. The book consists of the typical badassery of Anja Creed, but has a history twist that I liked. It consisted of a dash of American Slavery history and one of the many cultures in Africa. It was something different, non European, and something I could get into.

There was a lot of action and the book was fast paced. Though there wasn’t much time for pause after the action parts. No real character development for Anja, but I expected as much. This is more of a pulp fluff read.

All in all, it was decent. I even decided to continue the series every now and then.

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