Book #67: Night of The Demon 2 by Various Authors


The demons are back and daring you to play with 7 new steamy stories. Sensual encounters lurk in every shadow, beneath every starry sky and in every dark corner. You’ve already given into sin, now all that’s left to do is play with your demons. Follow tales of erotic delight that aren’t afraid to make you crave the darkness.

Night of The Demon 2 is an erotic anthology where every story has a steamy encounter with a demon. I received a copy from one of the authors for an honest review. I have not been compensated in any way.

Honestly, I found this anthology less intriguing than the first. The first had more stories that got my heart pumping. This anthology only had a small amount. That isn’t to say the writing was bad. Each author had their own voice and the different voices may be better appreciated with a different reader. I do like different voices, but some voices don’t resonate that well with me.

That said, there was one story that hooked me very fast. It is written by one of the authors that I follow almost religiously. She was able to weave a story that wasn’t just about sex and made the sex scenes that much more steamy. It was a great short story and I honestly want more of that world (which always seems to be the case when I read her works).

The other authors had their own strengths and weaknesses, but none of the other stories really grabbed me as much as this particular author. That said, the book as a whole is well written and has a bit of everything for a demon and/or erotic fan. I personally found the first book more appealing as a compilation of works, but this wasn’t a terrible book.

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