Book #68: Worlds of Frost by Lexi Ostrow


Marie Frost, an Ice Demon, has earned her place as a Guardian. However, the unimaginable had happened when she failed to save her Word Speaker’s life during a small attack. Freed from her story, she finds herself trapped all alone in a world she doesn’t belong in. With nowhere to turn, she begins to close herself off to everything, even the commander of the war.
Despite being a solider, Sean Bender, wasn’t prepared for the war he would fight with himself when his Word Speaker dies during a military mission. Alone in a world he doesn’t belong in, he is grateful he at least has no weird powers or traits that would stop him from assimilating into the crowd and moving on.

Sean and Marie are thrust together, the only two Guardians to have lived for sometime without a Word Speaker, to see if broken souls can be mended. Lust flares red hot, even if Marie’s heart is too frozen for her to accept what she and Sean have. The war for good and evil is heating up, and it’s up to two Guardians, an Ice Demon and solider, to mend a rift bigger than themselves, but one only they can fix. Sean and Marie will have to embrace what makes them unique if they are to help the other Word Speakers and Guardians succeed.

I received a copy of Worlds of Frost by the author, Lexi Ostrow, for an honest review. I have not been compensated. Unless, you consider my enjoyment a form of compensation. Either way, there was no exchange of monetary or gift values.

Worlds of Frost is a shorter length novel set in Ostrow’s Guardian series. It follows the events of the third book, Magic of Worlds, only with a new couple. Sean is a Guardian from a military style romance and Marie is a Guardian from a fantasy book. Both of them had lost their Word Speaker in some way and are going through their grief.

The writing style is akin to the other books in the Guardian series. It is easy to get into and the writing makes it a quick read. The sex scenes are very steamy and should only be read by an adult. The romance is there, not as strong as the full length novels, but it is there.

Both Marie and Sean are strong willed characters. They are also stubborn, but I think Marie is more so. What I love is that if you are looking for a female lead who can kick your ass hundreds of times without breaking a sweat, Marie is one of those. It’s refreshing to find a character like that.

In all, it was an enjoyable read and is a great addition to the Guardian series. The epilogue does hint at the next book. That is one I’m excited for.

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