Oh, As If I Wasn’t Already…

One of the most terrible professions has to be customer service. I mean seriously, if you are an employee who knows what you’re doing, you end up with idiots for customers. And then there are the employees who have no clue and get confused when you try to get answers.

You know what I’m talking about.

Something you care about has broken. It was pretty costly. You have a warranty and you decide to call technical support to help you out. They may not have been able to fix it for you, but, lucky you, you can have it repaired.

And then it gets lost.

And then you have to call customer service again. And you are stuck in limbo because you need to talk to another company that takes care of the shipping. Sometimes, you are lucky. You will get someone intelligent who can get things going even if there are no complete answers. And then you have the ones that make you want to bash your head in.

This has been one of those weeks. Almost every night I’ve been talking on the phone and almost crying. I hate this kind of stuff. Somebody save me…


Aside from that, I haven’t been very productive in anything. That includes getting shit done around the house.

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