Book #83: The Ghost Files 3.5 by Apryl Baker


Tick tock…

Mary Cross has been forced to accept the world of the supernatural because of an experience that left her with the ability to hear—but not see—the supernatural. She survived three weeks of being kidnapped and tortured, and it has left her emotionally and physically scarred.

Across the street from her house, strange things are happening…

Mysterious noises haunt the residents, faucets turn on by themselves, and footsteps can be heard running up and down the stairs. It all centers around Noah, a two year old child. Babysitters have run screaming from the house.

Caleb Malone has been dumped into a teeming hornet’s nest…

He’s always been the good son, done everything asked of him, and even gave up graduate school to join the family business of hunting supernatural villains. He’s convinced himself he’s happy, that his duty to his gift should come before anything else.

Until he meets Mary Cross.

She gives him hope that things can be different, that he can be different.

Together, the two of them must solve the mystery of the two shadows stalking the child and save him from whatever has attached itself to him. Time is running out and to save Noah, forcing Mary to face her own demons.

But in doing so…has she put a target on her back?

This novella was enough to keep me in the world of The Ghost Files, but has done nothing to curb the appetite. Then again, I did quickly go to this one after book 3.

The writing is the same quick style that kept me going. Which is good because the main character is Mattie’s foster sister, Mary. Mary is the young woman Mattie and Dan saved back in book 1. Ever since those events, she has been experiencing the dead in her own unique way; through hearing them.

Mary is a strong and opinionated girl. She went straight for reading and researching about ghosts the moment she and Mattie started getting close. Instead of being completely off guard like Mattie, she seems to hold her own well.

I had problems following the book in parts. The story is set during the events of book 3 and does follow that one alright, but for some reason I did feel a bit out of place. Aside from that, the story wasn’t bad. It was action filled, had a very bad guy, and there was some nice tension between Mary and Caleb.

The plus side is that there is a hint of something more to deal with the two of them. I wonder if it will bleed through more into the main series.

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