NaNo Update 2

So, remember last Monday when I said that I was hoping to get a lot of writing done? Remember that I said the week should be a rather slow one?


I was wrong. So, so, very wrong.

I am still far behind and possible so far past what could be redemption. I am almost done with my big project though! Glory for NaNo on that one. I also have the perfect NaNo story for me to write.

I decided to go for superheroes and one that I thought of called Cherry Bomb. Not sure if there is one named like that in the actual comic and superhero world, but I’m using it. I’m planning on this book being a novella and just continue the story as novellas. There’s something about the idea of a serial that makes me happy. Plus, I won’t be too stressed out as I’m writing it if I think of it as a serial and not a part of a series.

I’m also planning on posting it on my Wattpad as my first foray into that world. So, look me up when the time comes. I plan on posting a chapter every week. I wouldn’t mind eventually self publishing it, but one step at a time. And the first one is the most obvious: writing it.

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