Book #93: Seeress by Ednah Walters


I love Torin St. James…
I need his strength…
But someone from his past wants me dead.

Raine Cooper is certain of two things: her love for Torin St. James and her destiny to be a powerful seeress. But when she starts having premonitions, they are unclear and disturbing. Worse, they involve Torin. With her mother gone, her father dying, and her best friend in Hel, she is not sure who to talk to.

But when the visions become more personal and she foresees her future with Torin threatened by someone from his past, Raine becomes desperate for answers. Just her luck two new students arrive at her school and they seem to have answers. When with them, her powers are enhanced and her visions become clear. There is only one problem: Torin forbids Raine to see the two girls.

Can their love survive without trust?

I took a long pause before returning to Ednah Walters and her Runes world. I don’t know if it was that I grew tired of the characters (doubtful) or if I just didn’t want the series to end (highly plausible). Whatever the case may be, I’m only two books away from being done with the Runes series. Or at least what Walters has written so far.

In Seeress, we see a bit of Raine’s epic powers in the making. In the previous books we find out she is supposed to be the last seeress and see the coming of Ragnarok. However, those abilities don’t show up… that is until now. The visions are interesting and well done. I could see how a vision could make a seeress mean or otherwise (the Norns aren’t the happiest). The witchy powers are just friggin’ cool.

Raine grows even more in this book. In the previous books it could be argued that even though she’s barking loud, she isn’t completely ready to be a badass woman. That said, this book had a lot of relationship tension between her and Torin. The two of them are butting heads left and right, but seem to keep going strong despite that. It’s a great model for what people should look for in a relationship.

I wanted to smack Torin about as much as Raine did and for the same reasons. He’s a bit of a pigheaded jerk at times, but damn is he sexy. Possibly more sexy now than I originally thought in previous books. Loved the background Walters gave him. More of his history comes through and it makes him more human and less . . . fictional.

The book was good and kept me going through the whole thing. There was a good mix of action and down time. The imagery of her father just sent knots in my throat. I didn’t want to pull off the earplugs or turn off my car. The narrator still does a great job and I have the next book waiting for me as well.

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