Book #102: Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka


Out of seven billion people, one man has declared war on Mother Nature and plans to bring it to its knees.
Out of all the criminals in Los Angeles, he’s the number one target being hunted by the LAPD tonight.
And out of the entire LAPD, one officer is hell-bent on helping him complete his mission.

I received a copy of “Environmentally Friendly” from the author for an honest review.

First off, “Environmentally Friendly” is a short story. About nineteen of my Kindle pages. You should be able to read it in less than an hour. Add in all of the action and you can really finish it well before a half hour is through.

It is filled with action from beginning to end. You get snippets as to what is going on and begin to realize what is actually going on as the scene develops.

I was left wondering if there should have been more or if I actually want more of the character. I’m leaning more towards the latter. The story is quick and seems more like an introduction to a bigger project. There is so much that could make that story go wrong and I’m wondering if this was just a lucky break and later on there will be something more to it.

It’s hard to understand without giving the story away, but I ultimately feel that “Environmentally Friendly” is the beginning of a thriller series that will leave you wondering what is real and what isn’t.

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