Book #103: Spark by E.L. Todd


Book 2 of the Electric series

I’ve fallen for Taylor.

When we first met, I was an idiot and didn’t realize she was a bombshell. But when I kissed her, sparks flew.

Not sparks. Fireworks.

I’ve tried to deny my feelings for weeks, but I can’t keep doing it. Relationships aren’t for me, not after the way I got my heart crushed.

But I can’t help wondering if a relationship would be different with Taylor.

Maybe it would.

But then an unnecessary obstacle comes my way.

E.L. Todd is a guilty pleasure of mine. I have read quite a few books and this series has me wanting more. I finished the first book, Charge, a little while ago and decided to read Spark. 

Spark is set quickly after the events of the first book. Taylor has a new boyfriend, Volt is still helping with Clay, and he has found out he has deep emotions for Taylor. What you would think Volt is like in the first book is very different from this one. Yes, he does gets into fights (and is a dangerous person in that regard), however, he doesn’t try to pull Taylor away from her boyfriend Sage. He’s actually quite the gentleman about it.

Even if he hates the guy.

Taylor is still her oblivious bubbly self. She has more drama going on with her relationship with Sage. Then again, if there was another man sniffing around I would be acting the same way if I was in Sage’s shoes. Taylor is still oblivious about it, but I have a feeling she’ll come around in the third book.

I feel the issue with Clay could have been better if Volt started proceeding with taking in Clay permenantly. I think that would be an interesting twist and something Taylor would see as marriage quality. I’m still not sure why Taylor feels the need to find Mr. Right, but I can’t really fault her for it.

The writing is quick and I was able to finish the book in a day. It’s one of those series that I can go to whenever, not miss a thing, and it’s a great pause in between other reads. Now on to book three!

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