Book #107: Burn by E.L. Todd


Book 3 of the Electric Series.
Volt is my best friend.
And nothing but my best friend.
Natalie and Sara keep telling me there’s something more going on beneath the surface, but that’s not true.
Volt is a manwhore.
A player.
And a heartbreaker.
We’re better off as friends.
At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

Burn is the third book to E.L. Todd’s Electric series. The series is a four book series about the growing relationship of best friends turned lovers, Volt and Taylor. I bought this book as soon as I was done with the second and the fourth is already ordered. That said, I didn’t care for this book.

I found this book ran short on the emotional revelations. Now, the eye opening moment of Taylor wasn’t bad. It was a great push for her and Volt. However, the other big reveal, Taylor finding out her boss is Volt’s father, fell short. Taylor reacted a bit too harsh and to be honest, I’m not sure how she didn’t at least suspect the two were related. She definitely had some communication issues because she ran off from Volt instead of figuring it out head on.

That isn’t to say the first running off wasn’t justified. I felt it was. However, the other times? I dunno about that.

Then there is Volt. He really needs communication skills. His reaction was completely justified and I understand the holing himself in the apartment. HOWEVER, he totally needed to tell her what her crime was instead of being hush hush. Very immature.

I’m not sure how the two are going to work it out and just how much Volt needs to grow up to get Taylor’s trust. This alone makes me want to finish the series and see what happens. I just wish Volt was a bit more mature than he was. That said, I’m sure his reaction has to do with his ex, but I hope he at least confronted that incident.

If his ex is who I expect it to be . . . I don’t know if he did or she’s just a big ol’ liar. We’ll see. Right now, I’m waiting for book four to come in.

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