My 2017 Resolution

Today is the new year! There is no doubt that 2016 has been quite the circus. With clowns popping out at every corner and celebrities dropping like flies, I doubt anyone is leaving 2016 unscathed. Hopefully, 2017 is just as memorable, but for the best reasons possible.

For me, this means I am aiming some high and some average goals. I have to lose weight and work on my health (something that’s a normal resolution, but for me is doctor reccommended). I aim to have my first book published and more short stories out into the world. I want to read more than 110 books (made it to 109 in 2016).

I want to laugh and love harder. I want to dance without care. I want to give zero fucks(towards drama) and be more compassionate to my fellow man. I want to comfort strangers, help families, and inspire children. 

I want to work on my time management. Be more spiritual. And I learn how to continue motivating myself.

What are you going to work on this year? Is it just to benefit you or others as well? Take this time and every day to breathe deeply. Do you feel that? That’s life flowing into you. Smile, hug, and work on forgiveness. 

That’s what I want for 2017.

3 thoughts on “My 2017 Resolution”

  1. I like your resolutions. I am hoping to get through 2017 without too many scars and without scarring others. Something I wasn’t able to do in 2016. Wishing both of us luck.

  2. Those resolution sound quite intense, and very inspiring. Good luck with them! Personally, I’m going to try my hand at not completely beating myself up? I’m still debating on that one. I’m definitely going to hit the gym for the first two weeks of the year though 😛

    1. Beating yourself less is definitely a good resolution. I’m still working on that one too. Good luck to yours as well!

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